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Sandra Chevrier was born in Montreal, Canada, in 1983.

She is a contemporary artist known for her captivating collaged portraits of women from The Cages series. Chevrier got her Bachelor’s degree in visual and media arts from UQAM – The Université du Québec à Montréal. Sandra likes to describe herself as a “gaze collector”, as she considers that you can read all the emotions of a human being just by looking in their eyes. The series emerged from the fuse of painting and collage, as Chevrier uses paint hyper-realistic way before the discovery of collage and mixed media. The Cages series tells a story of women trying to find freedom from the imposed cages of society’s distorted prejudices and expectations of what a woman should or shouldn’t be, of false beauty and perfection. By using comics as a mask for her portrayed heroines, Chevrier highlights the fragility of the superhero, their personal weaknesses, and flaws, and exposes the humanity within the superhuman.

She currently lives in Montreal, Quebec, where she works in a home studio.

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