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Richard Orlinski is a contemporary French artist known for his sculptures and artwork. He was born on January 27, 1966, in Paris, France. Orlinski's work is characterized by its bold and dynamic style, often featuring geometric shapes and sharp lines.

Orlinski gained recognition for his "Born Wild" series, which consists of animal sculptures that convey strength and power. These sculptures, often rendered in vibrant colors and reflective surfaces, capture the essence and energy of animals in motion. Orlinski's art explores the themes of evolution, popular culture, and human emotions, using animals as metaphors for human experiences.

One of Orlinski's most famous sculptures is the "Wild Kong" series, which reimagines the iconic King Kong figure in a contemporary and stylized form. These sculptures depict the powerful ape with a modern twist, reflecting Orlinski's ability to blend classic and contemporary elements in his work.

Orlinski works with various materials, including resin, bronze, aluminum, and stainless steel, to create his sculptures. His use of reflective surfaces and vibrant colors adds a sense of visual impact and playfulness to his art.

In addition to sculptures, Orlinski's artistic practice extends to other mediums, including painting, photography, and design. He has collaborated with renowned brands and organizations, creating limited edition artwork and designs for luxury products.

Orlinski's works have been exhibited in galleries and museums worldwide, including France, the United States, and Asia. His art has gained significant popularity among collectors and art enthusiasts for its contemporary aesthetic and universal appeal.

Richard Orlinski continues to create and exhibit his artwork, pushing the boundaries of contemporary sculpture and engaging audiences with his visually striking and thought-provoking creations.




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