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Queen Ntombi Twala of Swaziland, 1985

Screen Prints on Lenox Museum Board

Size: 42 x 32 in.

Edition: Trial Proof 1/1

Marked on verso : “Andy Warhol 1985”

Authenticity Stamp on the back, from Andy Warhol’s Foundation.


Additional Information:

Queen Ntombi Twala is an artwork by Andy Warhol that belongs to his renowned Reigning Queens series. The Reigning Queens series was published during the mid-1980s, a highly prolific period for Warhol partly due to his associations with collectors and younger artists. The series features four queens from different parts of the world, with Queen Ntombi Twala of Swaziland being a significant addition as the only Queen of color in the collection. The other prints depict Queen Margrethe II of Denmark, Queen Elizabeth II of the United Kingdom, and Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands.


The Reigning Queens series was created in 1985, with four colorful prints of each queen, totaling 16 screen prints, along with trial proofs. This collection stands as one of Warhol's last before his passing in 1987. Warhol's mastery of screen printing is on full display in this series, incorporating intricate color blocking and outlining that he had developed during the 1980s. Queen Ntombi Twala is a quintessential work in Warhol's 1980s catalog and contributes to his enduring legacy.

Queen Ntombi Twala of Swaziland

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