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Carlos Cruz-Diez

Physichromie, 1995
24,5  x 18,75 in. 


Additional Information:

"Physichromie" is a series of works in which Cruz-Diez explores the visual effects generated by the interaction between complementary colors and light. These works consist of rectangular panels arranged in different angles and painted with vibrant and contrasting color stripes. As the viewer moves in front of the artwork or as the ambient light changes, the colors overlap and optically shift, creating a dynamic and ever-changing visual experience. Cruz-Diez believed that color is not a static property of objects but a subjective experience that depends on the interaction between light, the observer, and the colored surface. With his artworks, he sought to break away from the traditional notion of painting as a static object and to explore the ephemeral and changing nature of color. The 1995 "Physichromie" is part of an ongoing series of works that Cruz-Diez produced throughout his career. These artworks can be found in major art collections and museums worldwide and have left a lasting legacy in the field of optical and kinetic art.


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