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Andy Warhol (United States)

Northwest Coast Mark FS II.380, 1986

Screenprint on lenox museum board, and framed with UV protection plexiglass


46 x 46 in. (Framed)

Signed and numbered 


Additional information: 

The portfolio was created in 1986 and explores the themes associated with the wild west. Portraying the American west similar to its portrayal in Hollywood and mass media, Warhol features notable western figures such as John Wayne, Annie Oakley, Geronimo, Teddy Roosevelt, and juxtaposes them with Native American figures and motifs.

Warhol depicts a detailed representation of the traditional mask that was often worn for cultural celebrations in some indigenous community in the northwest. These masks often represent spirits, animals, and myths within Native American culture. When used in ceremonies and celebrations the masks are intended to connect the wearer to the spiritual world.

Northwest Coast Mask FS II.380

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