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Rufino Tamayo

Niña a la puerta, 1960


 25 1/2 x 19 7/8in

Edition: 17/75

Signed in pencil  front



Additional information: 

"Niña a la puerta" depicts a girl standing in front of a door, with her hand holding the doorknob. The painting captures the figure of the girl in a simplified and stylized manner, with vibrant colors and defined contours. The image is largely abstract, with shapes and colors that combine in a non-figurative way.

Although Tamayo was known for his abstract style, his work often evoked emotions and sensations. In "Nina a la puerta," the artist manages to convey a sense of mystery and curiosity. The figure of the girl is presented in the foreground, emphasizing her presence and establishing a direct connection with the viewer. The closed door and the gesture of the girl suggest a feeling of anticipation and expectation.

Like many of Tamayo's works, "Niña a la puerta" allows for subjective interpretation. Some may see the image as a symbol of innocence and the exploration of a new world, while others may find a more introspective or philosophical meaning. The artwork invites the viewer to reflect on their own sense of curiosity and openness to the unknown.

In general, "Niña a la puerta" is an intriguing and enigmatic representation, characteristic of Rufino Tamayo's distinctive style and his ability to combine abstract elements with an emotional and symbolic connection.


Niña a la puerta

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