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Rufino Tamayo 

Cabeza en gris (Head on gray), 1979

Color etching with aquatint 

Size: 30 × 21 in.

(76.2 × 53.3 cm.)

Series:  Rufino Tamayo 15 Aguafuertes

Edition: 8/99

Signed and numbered in black crayon


Additional information: 

Cabeza Gris, completed in 1973, is an oil on canvas artwork that showcases Tamayo's distinctive approach to color and form. The painting depicts a stylized human head with a predominantly gray color palette. Tamayo often used bold, vibrant colors in his works, but in Cabeza Gris, he opted for a more subdued and somber palette, emphasizing shades of gray and black. The head in the painting is abstracted and simplified, featuring geometric shapes and a sculptural quality that gives it a sense of depth and volume.

Tamayo's exploration of the human figure in Cabeza Gris reflects his interest in universal themes and emotions. Although the head is depicted in a simplified manner, it still conveys a sense of humanity and introspection. The use of gray tones adds a contemplative and introspective mood to the painting, inviting viewers to reflect on the complexities of the human experience.

Cabeza Gris is considered one of Tamayo's notable works and exemplifies his ability to create visually striking compositions while conveying deeper emotional and philosophical meanings. The painting is often exhibited in major museums and galleries around the world, showcasing Tamayo's significant contribution to modern and contemporary art.


Cabeza en gris (Head on gray)

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