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Patricio Gonzalez Bezanilla (1974), studied at the School of Visual Arts at the University of Chile and University Complutense (Madrid-Spain). He has exhibited at the Museum of Maples, Miami, USA., Museum of Fine Arts, Santiago de Chile, Dot Fifty-one gallery, USA, gallery THIRTEEN, Cultural Center of Spain, gallery La Sala, Museum of Contemporary Art in Valdivia, Military History Museum, UC Extension Center, Center cultural Chile-Spain, etc.

The series "Tell me how to behave" is formed by digitally intervened photographs and transformed road signs (life size), which ask about the infinite possibilities in life, without losing sight of the imminence of death.
    With this in mind, the pieces seek to relate to the viewer, in terms of the lived experiences, decisions in time or personal history, which are common to all.
Functioning as a counter-proposal to the expectations that the group expects from the individual, the dislocated-edited reality makes us wonder about our own reality and at what point the freedom of choice is influenced by mass control systems or, as George Orwell would say, "the media makes us prisoners of hegemonic thought." Waste, immaturity, success, lived time. The series plays with the presentation of bad possibilities, absurd and impossible and their relationship with time; letting you see the paradox of memories and experience, raising your relationship with the present. Where the image of the road, as a space of American freedom, opens up to the idea of ​​a space large enough to imagine the possibility of reinvention in every second.

Patricio Gonzalez's works are present in private and public collections in Chile, Peru, Colombia, USA, Canada, and Germany. He currently lives and works in Miami, USA.

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