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Patricia Calero is an artist from Valencia, Venezuela, a former Dentist who practiced for over ten years at an acknowledge Private Practice. Dentistry was the core of her passion for symmetry, form and design.

Curiosity about cultures, and far away countries was her main interest growing up. Early on, Patricia experimented with various forms of art, discovering Origami, the subtle art of transforming paper into art.

The journey to the discovery of Origami for our artist has been full of wonder, joy for the uniqueness of her pieces and the effect these pieces bring to her clients. The pandemic has also impacted her work, as many others, her art has transcended the barriers of time and place through social media, reinforcing the connectivity and the unity ART brings to all of us.

Patricia Calero expresses art as a core part of our lives. Art is how we cope, how we describe those emotions that leave us speechless, and how we create moments of reflection and understanding for one another. Her goal is to create Origami art pieces that go beyond aesthetics and price tags. An art for all ages and genders, communities, and cultures.

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