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Michael Benisty was born in Antwerp, Belgium.

His self-taught creative process first began with photography throughout Europe and New York. He has worked with various publications such as Art, Architectural Digest, and Whitewall Magazine.

His first Mixed Media Collection was presented in 2007 at the Xerxes Gallery in London and later at the Pearl Lam Gallery of Shanghai.

In 2012 Michael’s ‘Die to Live’ Skull sculpture was presented during Art Basel Miami, standing at eight feet tall made from mirror-polished stainless steel, the sculpture was adorned with under 350,000 golden-black Swarovski elements.

During the Art Basel Miami 2016, Michael’s installation was presented at the Faena hotel Art Collection.

Creating artworks in various formats, Michael Benisty creates output in photography, sculptural work, digital, and multimedia art.

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