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Maria Cristina Carbonell is a Puerto Rico-born Venezuelan artist who expresses herself freely through drawing, painting, photography, sculpture, and video to materialize illusions, fears, and desires. She is moved by the fragility of our existence, the enigma of the psyche and dreams, and the idea of lightness and suspension.  

In 1989 she began to sculpt by hand in marble out of her interest for the Renaissance Period; some years later, she developed a passion for sculpting pillows.  Carbonell is not concerned with representing the conventional meaning of the pillow but rather creating pieces that defy gravity and levity.

Carbonell studied Drawing at The Museum of Fine Arts in Boston (1982 to 1984) and at the Art Student League, in New York  (1985  to 1987) where she also obtained a BA in Fashion Design from F.I.T - Fashion Institute of Technology-, N.Y.C. Since 1989 Carbonell has exhibited in museums and galleries in Caracas, Barcelona, Sao Paolo, Madrid, México D.F, London, New York, Miami, Taipei, Basel. 

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