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Leo, hailing from France, and Steph, from Brazil, joined forces to bring to life the extraordinary COSMIC DREAMER, an enigmatic and celestial being that transcends gender and identity. Our collaboration has led us on a magical journey of creativity, imagination, and artistic expression.

Our artistic voyage began with a shared love for art, storytelling, and the boundless universe. Together, we embarked on a quest to create a character that would touch the hearts of people worldwide. Thus, COSMIC DREAMER was born—a symbol of hope, wonder, and the unyielding pursuit of dreams.

COSMIC DREAMER embodies the playful and optimistic inner child within each of us, inspiring joy and positivity in life's myriad of experiences. With a faceless appearance, COSMIC DREAMER encourages viewers to project their aspirations, dreams, and emotions onto this celestial figure.

Their art reflects a harmonious fusion of French and Brazilian influences, drawing inspiration from diverse cultures and artistic styles. The character's celestial robe is a nod to the mystical realms of the universe, while the cosmic staff represents the guiding light of creativity.

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