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Jenna Roys is a self-taught American artist who splits her time between Bulgaria and the United States. Originally from Phoenix, Arizona, she spent her childhood traveling the US and Central America. As an adult, she has explored countries all over Europe. Many of these travels, as well as being a wife and mother of three, have influenced her work as a painter.

Being born into a long line of creatives in 1989, she has approached everything in her life artistically. In 2020, her parents asked Roys to create a painting for their new home. In this, the artist found a passion and therapy. Since then, she has experimented with different mediums, finding oil to be her preference.

Roys’ love for color and the abstract female form is shown in much of her work. The absence of complete faces is an iconic representation of women and their major presence in the world without being seen. She hopes to share the beauty and rawness of strong women with people worldwide.

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