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J. Barrios from the small town of Rivalba, located in North West Italy’s Piedmont region where is family has lived for 200 years. His father of Spanish decent was a portrait artist himself and taught Barrios to draw at a very young age, and encouraged him to experiment with a variety of media. Barrios had his first art exhibition at the age of 15. The work displayed was of figure and landscapes in oil. In 1988, Barrios began his studies in architecture at the University of Venice. He was encouraged in his painting by some of the most important Italian intellectuals and artists. At this time, he began to develop a particular style and technique that would be recognized as “meticulous without colorful exaggeration and focused on imagined representation”. His painting, at this time, was developed to the exploration of nature and the nature of things. Barrios also worked in theater design while in Venice. He exhibited his work in several individual and group shows and began earning recognition for the eloquent style and subject material. In 1994 he earned his degree in Fine Art, along with many academic awards for his exceptional work. “My arts is an outer expression of one inner self. I feel it is important to grow as an artist, to change for the better and to always be excited about being creative”, he says. After graduation, Barrios returned to North West Italy to begin a family and to practice his craft. He also continued to accrue critical attention and prestigious awards. In 1997, his work was exhibited in what was called “the most important exhibition ever organized in the Lazio region. Barrios currently exhibits throughout Europe, South America, and North America. He also exhibited in major art shows in New York, and L.A.

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