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U.S.A. Citizen – Born in Quito-Ecuador. Gardani’s childhood was spent in his hometown. He began to study Architecture and Marketing. Always having been drawn to the world of Arts. Gardani started working and experimenting with different techniques and materials on his Paintings and Sculptures. Entirely self-taught he had his first solo exhibition in his native Quito. It’s when he realized, that is what he wants to do for the rest of his life, he knew that to fulfill that dream he would have to leave his country.


Gardani believes visiting the major Art Museums is the best school to learn the higher expressions of Art. “No matter which country I have traveled to, after arriving one of the most important things is to look for museums, I had the opportunity to visit museums: New York, Miami, Brazil, England, Italy, France, Panama, Bahamas, China, Honduras, Puerto Rico, Peru, Colombia, Venezuela, Mexico.”


Gardani still remains true to his initial spirit of enjoying Art in the Magic Realism from which he has been practicing for more than twenty years, thanks to the creative influences of Salvador Dali and Michelangelo. Even though some of his paintings come from his mind and photo reference he prefers to work with live models. Gardani has the ability to create a wide range of Artworks, Modern Sculptures, Still lifes, Fruits, Horses, Contemporary Abstracts, his renowned Figurative Paintings and most recently his colorful Pop Art Paintings.


The artwork of this Artist has been exhibited in prestigious Art Galleries in the United States, Europe, Central, and South America. He has been commissioned for many private collectors,  As a Latino Artist of Spanish Heritage, he reflects in his Paintings the techniques used by the contemporary masters of our time like Salvador Dali, mixed with a bit of the magic of the great variety of cultures that he has experienced, this has undoubtedly given him the richness in his sense of life and the will to celebrate it through his beautiful artwork.






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