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Gabriella Guerriero is a South Florida pop artist. Born in 1985 in the city of Buenos Aires, Argentina and raised in Miami, Florida. .

Gabriella's work is inspired by everything sweet, pop culture, and fashion. Her work has evolved over the years into her current use of mixed media and bright color palettes, providing its viewers with happy and clean compositions. 


In 2016 Gabriella became a certified school director and opened up 'The Laboratory Art Studio' an art studio inspired by pop art, bright color palettes, music, sensory experiences and creativity for all ages.


Since then, Gabriella has been Proclaimed by The City of Hallandale Beach for her outstanding school directing, illustration, design and community involvement. She was also recognized by Family Central in Broward County as best supportive director in 'Positive Behavior Support' . Promoting emotional awareness and a deeper understanding into the needs of children and overall childhood.

Gabriella's work can be seen at various community events and South Florida galleries.  

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