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The artistic journey of Eric Jacques Amsellem tends toward experimentations and synthesis. At first, EJA focused on modeling techniques and sculpture. He sees the work of the matter as a discipline that forces the body and the mind to unite in a carnal effort against the matter.

To understand this art and master it as best as he can, he acquires step by step ancient techniques of fabrication, assembly, coring, and cooking. The contact with these materials provides him with an experience full of knowledge about the perception of forms and about reporting volumes in space.

Combining the work of volumes to the infinite color possibilities offered by this medium, he surfs the spectrum of contrasts experimenting with the balance of power between darkness and light. The synthesis of these experiments in these two opposite dimensions leads him gradually into a third unexpected world, surprising and extremely rich… 

The artistic approach of Eric Jacques Amsellem is different. The artist does not use any sources or existing images. He only uses the effects and tools included in the retouching programs he uses to create. This way, the artist creates his own graphic universe, piece by piece.

His job is mainly to place diverse lines of color, each next to each other, creating graphic collisions of colors, He uses those “accidents” while collecting
fragments that look interesting to him, between hundreds of other possibilities.
The artiste retrieves and organizes those elements like a puzzle in a way to produce landscapes, abstractions, or figurative modern compositions.

Combining also the multitude of fibers and tools, those programs have, he enriches his universe and creates a unique visual identity.

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