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Eileen Seitz’s artistic career began at an early age of 8yrs. She was born on the island of Manhattan NYC  a  “concrete jungle” as someone was said to her.
When she was  13th she knew she was going to be an artist for the rest of life. She won a 1st place award in a NYC street show.  Later was accepted  to Pratt Institute in Bklyn NY and studied Fine Arts. After school,  opportunities came to her to travel and see the world.  To the Caribbean, Central America, Bahamas, Europe, South Pacific, Hawaiian Islands all have been home to her and expanded her heart and soul. Many paintings were created at these places over the years. It is the light in the tropical landscapes and seascapes that merge and fill Eileen’s soul. Here in the Green Jungles, she  feels and unites with the colors, light and beauty of mother nature.  Using line and form,  painting images with clear colors, she creates scenes onto her paper and canvas. Like a symphony of cascading water viewers are moved and touched with feelings so unlike what they have felt before.  Drawing on location, have a direct experience of a place to make the connection is very important for her work. She also takes photos for later working in her studio. Eileen loves sharing with the world her rich traveled life, filled with vision, beauty and so many surprises.  Many paintings have been  commissioned and collected nationally and internationally. They  hang in private homes, hotels, resorts, hospitals, cruise ships, restaurants and have been used in backdrops for movies.  Self published since 1972 Eileen’s dream and desire to share her work with all people has come to be. It is the COLOR that people feel first when looking at her work, then they go into it and her paintings start to speak to their souls.

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