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Eddy Vitalone is a French artist born in 1984 in Moulins. His rise to fame began in the 2000s, with a continuous stream of exhibitions that garnered attention.

A pivotal moment came when he crossed paths with Luis Marcel, a renowned art dealer. This encounter led to a remarkable opportunity for Eddy to showcase his talent at a young age alongside great artists at the Art en Marche Museum in Lapalisse (03). He also participated in exhibitions, fairs, and international events like "Art Verona" in Italy.

Over the past two years, Eddy has immersed himself in a daily painting routine. He has built a network of dealers, art galleries, and online platforms to promote and sell his work both in France and abroad.

Eddy's art is a captivating blend of humor, vivacity, and dynamism. It revolves around characters from his childhood comic books and cartoons. He masterfully weaves different universes and characters to create his animated world, where one might encounter the likes of Daffy Duck, Betty Boop, Scrooge McDuck, Jessica Rabbit, Road Runner, Wile E. Coyote, and Bugs Bunny. These characters come to life in scenes filled with humor and playfulness.

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