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FAT, a passionate artist, found his calling in photography and pursued his dream after completing a CAP photography course. He continued his artistic journey at the Lycée Professionnel Régional de la Photographie et de l'Image de Paris (Brassai). Embracing various projects and exhibitions, his photography skills flourished.

During a serendipitous encounter while photographing graffiti artists from the TVA crew, FAT met FAST, who became his graffiti mentor. In 2005, he joined the crew, engaging in both mural art and street art. Initially focused on mastering the art of lettering, FAT's background in photography and painting techniques enriched his graffiti work.

Even today, one can stumble upon Looney Tunes characters adorning unexpected places like train stations or subway stations, as FAT continues to infuse his signature lettering style.

FAT's paintings often depict subjects taken out of their original context, replaced by vibrant graffiti-infused backdrops. The colors are vivid, and the background is skillfully detailed with abundant lettering. Aerosol spray paint stands in contrast to the use of posca markers and acrylic paints, creating a dynamic interplay of techniques.

His work resonates with a playful and comic-book-inspired universe that audiences find familiar, yet it receives a unique twist in FAT's graffiti-infused world.

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