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Experience: I am a formally trained illustrator and graphic designer
who studied at F.I.T., S.V.A, and Art Students League in NYC. Originally
from Staten Island, I began many years ago painting hundreds of murals
all over the tri-state area and NYC. I also studied comic illustration and
worked at Toy BIZ designing toys for Marvel Comics Group. Over the years
I have done conceptual design for theme restaurants, architectural firms,
clothing and brand development, tattoo design, and a myriad of graphics
work. I have developed and owned multiple design-related companies,
including several tattoo shops, a tattoo design/flash company, and licensing
companies. My artwork has been made into various products over the years,
including clothing such as jeans, hats, t-shirts, jackets, footwear, toys, etc.
Also, I have done licensing and design projects for many companies,
including lighter design for BIC USA for the past 15 years.

What if you were able to develop a time machine, and revisit your childhood and experiences of your past? The art I am currently working on is an amalgam of my childhood memories captured through the lens of pop culture images, icons, 

brands, and personalities. It is a snapshot of my youth, my very own time machine if you will, using mixed media art as the vehicle. While we seem to live in a society 

obsessed with consumerism and greed, I am attempting to take back control of those

 negative impulses, and revisit the positive emotions I experienced as a kid living in

 NYC, surrounded by pop culture so many years ago. I hope you feel inspired enough

to climb aboard, and take this journey with me.

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