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Daniel De Roes was born in Santiago de Chile in the mid-1970s. His childhood was filled with drawing and a love for colors. He admires surrealistic, realistic, and pop art paintings.

In his quest to explore the world and discover new painting techniques, he embarked on a journey through seven countries in South America. During this journey, he met several Latin American artists, forming friendships and painting with them.

His passion for nature and travel led him to paint and study in Europe, where he received a postgraduate scholarship at the Foundation of Contemporary Art and Authors in Madrid.

For De Roes, painting means connecting with something fantastic and inexplicable, where disorder intertwines with discipline on the canvas or paper.

His work connects the eclectic and the diaphanous, where light wanders between the past, present, and future. It blurs the line between the tangible and intangible or what we perceive as one or the other. His art is in constant movement and evolution, driven by informative genetic patterns.

The artist has created paintings and portraits in various countries, including Germany, England, France, Spain, Italy, Mexico, Brazil, Bolivia, and Chile, where he has received great recognition for his fantastic ability to create verisimilitude. His skill in representing and blending complex objects and forms invites us to reflect.

His constant interest in learning and innovating in all aspects of art, photography, and film has taken him to many countries and corners of the world. Currently, he resides between Chile and Mexico.

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