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The Connor Brothers is the pseudonymous name for British artists James Golding and Mike Snelle. They are known for their collaborative works, often blending elements of pop art, street art, and conceptual art.

The true identities of the Connor Brothers remained hidden for a significant period, adding an air of mystery to their art. They presented themselves as American twins who were raised within a controversial Christian cult known as "The Family." The fictional backstory and the use of quotes and statements in their artworks gave the impression of a deeply philosophical and introspective perspective.

Their artwork explores themes of love, loss, desire, and the often conflicting nature of human emotions and experiences. Through their mixed-media pieces, the Connor Brothers combine vintage book covers, famous literary quotes, and expressive imagery to create thought-provoking compositions that challenge societal norms and provoke contemplation.

The Connor Brothers have exhibited their work globally and have gained recognition for their distinct style and poignant subject matter. Their art has been featured in solo exhibitions, group shows, and prominent art fairs. Their thought-provoking pieces have garnered international attention and captivated audiences with their blend of wit, cultural references, and social commentary.

The duo continues to create art that challenges conventions and sparks conversations about the human condition and the nature of contemporary society. Despite the fictional backstory, the Connor Brothers' works resonate with viewers on a deep emotional level, inviting reflection and introspection.

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