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Claude Charlier was born in Nancy, France.

He studied music and fine art. He maintained a career as a professional photographer which led him to travel the world for many years. It was during these travels that he was inspired by a discarded soda can and decided to create his Pop World Project. " I grew up in France - reading American comics, drinking Coca Cola and watching old Westerns. Americana was all the rage, and I fell for it in a big way. When I moved to Tokyo, I also fell in love with their animation and all the different types of soda and soda can designs that were sold in vending machines all over the city. In choosing to paint discarded objects I felt that I was giving them another life. Recycling not only their form, but also their imperfect beauty and the moments they were a part of someone's life." Since 1981 he has been exhibiting at different art fairs and galleries around the world, such as Tokyo, New York, Paris, Austria and Miami. He’s based in Miami, Florida.

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