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Artist painter sculptor born in Paris in 1967.

A graduate of IPEDEC (Paris School of Decorative Painting) and specialized in trompe l’oeil painting, Alain Mimouni has created his own style over the years and has given life to an innovative and rich working method in terms of the materials used. With various and varied technical means (such as acrylic, oil, matt or gloss varnishes, gold or aluminum leaves), he seeks to give his works a real touch through relief work on 3D paintings. On extremely elaborate backgrounds, his work is at the crossroads of painting and sculpture.


He creates his works on canvas as well as on plexiglass, or on aluminum that he undulates. The shapes are straight or wavy, the tones and contrasts are subtle.  Secret alchemy that combines the precision of shapes and colors, allowing him to bring his works to life and thus to transcribe the meaning he seeks to give them.His style was a precursor, he now revisits traditional Judaica to bring a touch of freshness and modernity through the pop art and street art movement. While incorporating elements of Jewish culture such as the 26 or the Kotel into his works, he remains inspired by the imagery of Comics, Cartoon, Superheroes, American sports teams and of course Brooklyn NYC. Creative by nature, he was able to create a trend that no one had thought of before..

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