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Alain Godon is a French painter and sculptor who currently lives in London.

 Godon's childhood presented many challenges that ultimately inspired his art. He lost his beloved father as a young child, but could not express his grief due to his dyslexia. This condition, which causes chaotic interpretation of words and letters, frustrated his drive to maintain balance in his life. Despite these circumstances, Godon pursued a strong desire to overcome the despair of his childhood and set a course to redefine his life and find his purpose.

Since 1996, Godon has exhibited in galleries in Paris, Denver, Amsterdam, London, Moscow, Bali, New York, and Miami. The artist captures the essence of a city - its people, culture, monuments, and architecture - and then uses his playful imagination to infuse his work with expressive line art, humor, and rich vivid colors. His signature style has been known to subtly include caricatures of his wife, his dogs, and himself into most of his pieces.

As he was not able to express his dreams through spoken or written words, he chose to paint them. Early on, Godon showed a gift to draw, paint and sculpt the world and society as he sees it or how he dreams it. He started as a chalk painter outside the Louvre Museum in Paris and worked intensely until his first exhibit in Le Touquet, a prestigious beach resort located in the North of France, in 1996.

Godon's paintings are pop art expressions of life by an artist who has never lost his ability to look at the world with childlike wonder.

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